My Darling Lemon Thyme

IMG_6399I love cookbooks, apart from finding a new recipe I actually enjoy just reading them and the stories behind the recipes, the lovely thick pages, beautiful photography, in a nutshell they make me happy.

I was reading a blog post about 6 months ago and it was about a cookbook called My Darling Lemon Thyme. It was an amazing, glowing post, telling me that this cookbook would pretty much change my life. I needed it. So much so, that I decided I had to have this book in my life immediately.Ai??I bundled the kids in the car (naps be dammed) and went to my nearest bookshop that afternoon to get it. I was not disappointed! I would call it life changing for me because it opened up my eyes to new ingredients, beautiful dishes full of nutritious ingredients. Emma uses natural, whole foods and makes the recipes easy, fun and accessible to make. There is a real fusion of whole foods and vietnamese flavors in her recipes which are just delish. Its become my most used ‘everyday’ cookbook in a way others haven’t done for me. As well as using the full recipes, I can pick it up and make a beautiful side dish or dressing to make a dish that much better.
Oh and the Chocolate Chills.
My 3 year old, Bear, has been a fussy eater since the get-go. Im constantly battling with him at the dinner table, constantly trying new food for him or hiding vegies in there somewhere. Constantly feeling guilt that I cant manage to get him to eat better.
I saw this recipe for Chocolate chills, which is filled with good things, dressed up as a chocolate ice block. Bear loves them! I always have a batch in the freezer now, and they also got me thinking outside the box for other ways to get good stuff into him.

Give these a go – you wont be disappointed.

What you need –

1 cup raw cashew nuts

1 cup pitted driedAi??dates

1/4 cup cocoa powder

250ml – 300ml coconut milk

1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup

What to do –
Place the cashews and the dates in seperate bowls and cover fully with water. Place in the fridge and let them soak overnight.


In the morning, drain and rinse them both and add to a high powered blender (I have a NutraBullet and this works great). Add all the other ingredients and blend blend blend until smooth as possible.
Transfer into some ice block moulds and freeze overnight.


You can buy My Darling Lemon Thyme here (look out for her new cookbook as well!)
And do yourself a favour and bookmark her site here

Clay moulding

IMG_6201 (1)I have been on Pinterest alot lately. But for me, being on Pinterest is a much better use of ‘wind down’ time than TV. I feel refreshed, inspired and feel whipped up into a creative frenzy. Out come the lists for the next day, and what I need to buy for my craft project that just cannot wait a moment longer.
So the other day I got onto clay moulding shapes for gift tags (it’s a thing – everything is on Pinterest) and decided I needed to do it right then and there. Only thing was I couldn’t justify driving right over the other end of town for the clay I needed…..quick google later and I had a recipe, and was whipping up my own clay! I made some gift tags and was very impressed with how they turned out. So now I have a pile of useless gift tags, but hey, they helped me fill in the horrible time of 3-5 pm with a toddler, and filled my creative love tank.
Later in the week I was at the Warehouse and saw some DAS clay so I brought some and tried some more tags. Have to say, the homemade clay was much easier to work with and dried just as good (if not better) than the brought stuff.
So if you invest 5 minutes into making some clay which ingredients you no doubt have in the house, its a great project to do with the kids (and a bit more fun for Mumma’s as well) and you get to make something cute.
The day I made mine it was super hot so I just air dried them, otherwise you can put in the oven on a lined baking tray on the lowest setting until they dry.

For the clay what you need –

3 cups flour

1 cup water

1/2 cup salt

1 tsp olive oil

food colouring (optional)

cookie cutters, stamps, cutters to make shapes you require

What to do -Ai??

  • In a large mixing bowl, slowly mix together all the ingredients except the food colouring. Mix and knead until you get a putty-like consistency.
  • Add food colouring to the clay at this point if you want. You can break off hunks of clay to make several different colours from one batch. Add food colouring slowly and knead it into the clay thoroughly before adding more colour.
  • Start using the clay right away or if it is too soft to hold shapes, refrigerate it for a couple of hours to firm it up.
  • Air-dryAi??or oven bake your objects.
Fun to play with at least

Fun to play with at least

Lips In Summer Rain

Christina_0018I love wearing lipstick for the instant pick-me-up it gives me, however, I hate the ingredients in some brands. After finding out that a regular lipstick wearer, such as myself, can consume as much as 1.7 kilos of lipstick over their lifetime (!!), it made me pause to think about what I really want to put on my lips all the time.
If there’s any question about an ingredient’s safety, we will not use it. Every Living Nature product undergoes rigorous testing for purity and safety to ensure we remain free of any potentially damaging chemicals or toxins” – Living Nature
Enter Living Nature. Made right here in NZ, these beautiful lippies are hand-poured and contain allAi??natural pigments and nourishing waxes, for a silky smooth feel and lasting wear.Ai??The lovely folks over there at Living Nature sent me some of their lipstick range to try and I have to say, I’m very impressed! My fave is Summer Rain (pictured) – it gaveAi??me the colour depth I love, while also being long lasting, and the most important bonus: there are no chemicals in here to harm me.
For more info on the whole range click here, and for a quick and easy purchase of Summer Rain that I’m wearing in these photos see here.
We use only 100% natural ingredients, preservatives and fragrances, and our full range is certified natural byAi??BDIHAi??Germany” – Living Nature

Photos by God’s True Beauty Photography

Bunny Treat Jars

IMG_4675I LOVE finding a new blog to follow, and while I was looking on Pinterest for Easter treat ideas I came across this blog and the perfect Easter craft for me. I quickly ‘bookmarked’ the blog home page and rushed to the shops for the paints and to the Salvation Army for cheap glass bottles, because, you know, I must do new projects like yesterday.
For once I actually followed the instructions pretty much to the letter, and was very happy with the results!

Super cute bunny jars filled with chocolaty goodness, ready to give away!
See instructions hereAi??and have fun!

Christina x